Booking Into Your Classes at Ignite Fitnes

At Ignite Fitness we use Glofox, a mobile friendly booking app, available on apple and android for download.

On Glofox you can book all your classes two weeks ahead. We really recommend doing this so you are committing to your classes a week or two in advance. You can also review information on your membership and we also post class updates via Glofox occasionally.

So if you are signing up for your free trial class or a full member, Glofox is the app you need to use to sign up to the classes.

Once downloaded to your phone you can search for Ignite Fitness in the “Select Gym” section and from then on your Glofox app will automatically log in to our Ignite Fitness page.

When you initially create your Ignite Fitness profile you will be asked for your name, email address, phone number, photo and credit/debit card information. The card that you put in at this time will be the account that any membership payments or direct debit payments comes out of each month.


Your photo and personal information will only be visible to the Ignite Trainers, so please do input this information as soon as you join the app as it will help us to improve the efficiency of our class management.  It only takes a couple of minutes.


Membership info

We have currently transferred over all of our 3 month and annual upfront payment clients onto the new system, so as you create your account you should see existing renewal dates already in place and may see credits appearing on your account.

These credits relate to the amount of classes you are eligible to book within your membership, if your membership is a restricted membership or a 10 class pass.

For all other memberships, you will not require “credits” to book your classes.



10 Pass Customers

If you are currently using a 10 class pass, please create your account as normal. Afterwards either check in with one of the Ignite trainers at the end of your next class, or text/e-mail a picture of your pass and we will then transfer over any remaining credits from your 10 class pass onto the new booking system, which will enable you to book your classes through the app.


Direct Debit Customers

For current direct debit customers, your account will not be finalised or changed over fully at this time, as we need the transfer to coincide with each individual persons direct debit date.

Please create your account as normal and we will then manually input your existing direct debit expiry date to the account for you. When that expiry date (which will be the date your “Ashbourne” Direct Debit comes out of your account) is approaching, you will be prompted through the app to renew your membership.

The date for direct debits are 1st, 9th, 17th and 24th of the month.

The day before each of these dates, we will edit the membership price on the glofox app to ensure that current members can book their preferred direct debit membership option at the monthly rate without the upfront payment that is required for a new member.

This will only be available on the app the day before these direct debit dates. If you require this on another date, please ask a trainer and we will be happy to do it for you.

If you do not know your direct debit expiry date and would like to know in advance please do not hesitate to ask.

Please note: If you have not renewed your membership by your next direct debit date, the membership will be no longer active and you will be unable to book in to classes.


We would like to reassure clients at this time that no personal details or direct debit details have been given to a third party in order to facilitate this changeover. Furthermore all payments from here on out will be taken through a recognised payment system called STRIPE. For more information on this company please see click here:


We would also like to thank people for their patience during this transition, we hope to transition as smoothly and hassle free as possible, and guarantee a much easier and streamlined booking process once it has all been completed.


If you have any queries on this changeover please do not hesitate to ask us after class or email us at


Kind Regards,

Niall, Adam & Cian.