Please make sure that if you book into a class and can no longer attend that class, to cancel your place via booking system. Please allow somebody else the benifit our your place! Thank you!

Rev – Rev Max is a cardio based class on stationary, indoor cycling bikes. It's great for burning calories with BPT Fitness instructors pushing you to your max for 60mins with intervals of high and low intensity. We are delighted to announce our class, has also won the Award for BEST SPIN at the Irish Fitness industry Awards 2018.

Burn Series – BPT Fitness Burn Series class utilises body weight mixed with some resistance. High Intensity Interval Training that will push you beyond any limits you thought you had. NOT ON CURRENT TIMETABLE

C3 - “Cardio Cardio Cardio” is the BTP Fitness cardio based class mixing intensity and different types of exercises to create intervals and variations that will shock your body into getting fit. Feel the different cardio training you can do and breath life into your workouts. NOT ON CURRENT TIMETABLE

Breakdown – Breakdown is the BPT Fitness weekly program throughout the week focusing on all body parts. These classes take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Monday- Leg day – targets all major muscle groups from the waist down.
Wednesday – Upper body – hitting all upper body muscles.
Friday – Core and Stretch – finishes off the week with ab exercises and a vital stretch after your weeks workout. NOT ON CURRENT TIMETABLE

Juvie – is the BPT Fitness class for cool, hip, teenagers which includes body weight and cardio based exercises mixed with some lifting techniques designed to give the younger adult a foundation to build a stronger, healthier lifestyle. It's fun, enjoyable and sociable.

Score – Have you always wanted to skip? Now is your time to start! Score is a brand new BPT Fitness class. Skipping combined with ab exercises, it is a class for all ability levels,  great for calorie burning cardio, toned legs and core stability. Skipping rope provided. NOT ON CURRENT TIMETABLE

Physi-Form – is a BPT Fitness mix utilising barbell and body weight exercises, using different training methods to make your physique formed.

M.I.A - Mixed integrated aerobics.

A newly designed BPT Fitness class which combines cardio and combat style moves. High energy, high burn. NOT ON CURRENT TIMETABLE

Ignite - Intensively timed tabata training. Develops aerobic and anaerobic fitness through body weight and resistance training. Hard core but worth it!

Painful Pleasure - Aches, pains, Doms, flexibility issues. Come roll away your aches and learn to really stretch, release and mobilise.  30min NOT ON CURRENT TIMETABLE

MR. - Men's room - when the BPT FItness studio becomes a man only domain for one hour of sweat, hard work and manly stuff 

NEW! Cardio Ignition - This is primarily a resistance based class the with strict intermittent cardio bursts. The idea is to be able to build strength while sustaining a higher heart rate to maintain the fat burning potential for longer.

NEW! Performance - A set work out that will given  to you at the start of the class.  Your only goal is to finish the work out in as quick a time as you can. Take it fast, take it slow just remember you’re on the clock.
Self motivated class, you’re only competing against yourself and your watch. See progression by beating your own previous times.




The Forge – the Forge is the BPT Fitness lifting class that uses fundamental techniques to increase strength and functional confidence. It's a class for all abilities  designed to develop current fitness levels.


UNI – What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “UNI “?. Education? In a way your right, UNI is the BPT Fitness class geared to teach the body to work in a slightly less conventional manner by developing stability, flexibility and agility. It's also great for core, functional strength.

Ab-Solution - the BPT Fitness 30 min abs class. Working on the sins you have committed and giving that lower torso some well deserved forgiveness.

Transform – is the BPT Fitness circuit based class that incorporates our 6 pillars of fitness. Strength, stability, endurance, flexibility, agility and speed in a functional training manner. Guaranteed to make you work and sweat!

Plyo - is primarily a cardio based class which incorporates explosive movements to develop principles such as overall fitness, speed and power. Not only will it strengthen major muscle groups but it also focuses on assisting muscles and ligaments. NOT ON CURRENT TIMETABLE

V8 - Ever hear the phrase your body is a machine...v8 is a new BPT Fitness class based on one of the best performing engines in the world. Using multiple training techniques with resistance and body weight it is designed to increase overall body fitness performance.

DUO - A class for paired working. Based on excerises for two, to support, balance, hold and develop technique in this body weight excerise class. Either bring a friend or make one in class. It's a fun pairing to make you both sweat. NOT ON CURRENT TIMETABLE

Begin to spin - Fear of the spin bike? Come to begin to spin and we'll show you how it's done without any pressure. You'll be cycling to the beat in no time

Begin to Transform - Beginner transform... Circuits class for those at the start of their fitness journey. Starting at a beginners level we teach you how to perfect form and help you build confidence and tone up

Ghost Class - Ghost Class is a class we will put on from time to time, trying out new and fresh ideas. As it is not advertised on the timetable, It will be advertised through out facebook and website or word of mouth.

NEW! D.I.Y - Do It Yourself –strictly for Personal Training Clients and Full Annual Members . BPT Fitness Studio will be open to those willing to work by themselves on the own specific programmes for overall personal development.

New timetable is only for the summer months. Any of the older classes, missing on the timetable may very well reappear on the normal timetable in September. So do not fear!


Also keep an eye of the GHOST classes. Some of them may pop up from time to time.