BPT Fitness


BPT Fitness is located in Greystones Blacklion Business center. We can cater for those wishing to enjoy fitness classes and/or pushing their personal limits with one to one personal training.


“Because we are three brothers we work extremely well as a team and have a strong sense of loyalty. We have three completely different skill sets and approaches which enable us to offer a wide range of expertise.”

Cian BPT Fitness


BPTs three qualified and experienced trainers are the best point of call for those starting their fitness journey, those continuing to maintain a core fitness and those wishing to challenge themselves with fitness goals.


Our Ethos


The core ethos of BPT Fitness is personal development through a large volume of fitness classes at accessible times using a range of styles and techniques including:


M.S.E (Muscular, Strength and Endurance)

• H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training)

• Resistance training (Addition free weight)

• E.T.M (Exercise To Music)

• Strength and Conditioning

• Cardio interval training

• Plyometric Training

* Sports Therapy

• Functional training

And many more


"Because we are small and dedicated we can focus our time and structure our timetable in a client led, responsive way, enabling us to stay loyal to our ethos." says Niall of BPT Fitness.


"We believe in being led by the client, their goals and what they want to achieve through training."